Welcome to Nation Innovation

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by the website. Let me start this first blog by offering my sincere thanks and gratitude, to all the people who have supported me during this wild ride of getting NI started. You know who you all are and as time goes by I will be introducing the readers of this blog to those amazing individuals.

What’s to Come?

Why should you take the time to read this blog? This blog is dedicated to providing Indigenous people with specific information about computer training and job skills. Written by our people for our people’s unique concerns and challenges.

We will share stories that will instruct and inspire all our readers to achieve their full potential no matter where they happen to work, on the rez or anywhere else.

Topics will include;

  • Student success stories
  • Interviews with top employers
  • Job readiness strategies
  • Software and hardware tips
  • New hardware & software reviews

Stay Tuned!

That’s not all, we also have a series of YouTube videos being planned as well. If all of that sounds good to you stay tuned. Visit our “Contact Us” page and sign up to get an email alert as new articles are posted.